WHAT ARE YOU HIDING YOU GERMAN BAST--I mean, um, what is the deal with all the aliens dude?

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  1. ShadowWolf

    I swear the style looks better with every page.

  2. Mike Podgor

    The character in panel one reminds me a lot of Jack Kirby’s style.

    • Ötty

      I’m not embarrassed by how happy this made me.

  3. Delta-v

    Hee, hee, Sonya brand TV. ^^

    • Sonya

      It’s a step up from Sony. It’s got an extra letter and everything! :D

      • Eiji Wolf
        Eiji Wolf

        Yes, it’s all the little details that make up the atmosphere we all love and… fear?
        Yeah, it rhymes. I’ll leave it like this.

  4. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    She could be arrested for looking like a Djinn… or being irritating.

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