Aw, Zukah was having fun there for a second.

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  1. Ötty

    2015 couldn’t pass quietly, it seems. Some bad news knocked the wind from our sails in the final days of the year — many knew how much we treasured Lemmy Kilmister ’round these parts — but now it seems like we’re starting to get back on track.

    If you haven’t read Lemmy’s book WHITE LINE FEVER or watched his film LEMMY or listened to his music, you should. His influence on ZUKAHNAUT went a lot deeper than the patch on the back of the hero’s vest or the warts on his cheek. Motörhead is the lifeblood of this comic, and it’s been played while every page was being created.

    We already dedicated this chapter (IRON FIST) to Phil Taylor, recently-departed drummer of the Motörhead album of the same name. All I can think to do now is to dedicate the entire comic, past and future, to the memory of Lemmy.

    I heard they ran out of Jack Daniels at the Rainbow this week. The bar manager could be heard desperately yelling, “He drank vodka as well, you know!


  2. Freya

    Awww Setanta is totally crushing on Daphne ^_^ can’t wait to see where that goes, lol
    Such a bummer about Lemmy. What a legend.

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