So much for that dog Sonya waited so long to draw.

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  1. Mike Podgor

    Here’s hoping that poor dog gets super-powers and becomes his sidekick.

  2. Alphaghoul

    should have at least set the dog up with a family or something.

  3. MikeLinPA

    Bad move. You can trust a dog with your life. (Not your lunch, but your life…)

  4. MidniteInsomniaX

    What’s with the censoring? Have you gone kid-friendly now? Because your first page still says the f word, so I don’t get what you’re accomplishing…

    • Ötty

      No censoring here! We went with grawlix in lieu of explicit cussing in this chapter for the same reason we went with the altered colouring style — it reminds us of the comicbooks we read as kids and that makes us happy. Nobody’s forcing our hand and it’ll be dropped once we decide to go in a different direction.

      Grawlix is a very fun device that’s just so “comics,” we really wanted to take it for a spin!

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