The o-zone often overlaps with the danger zone.

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  1. Ronin Glen
    Ronin Glen

    In case you don’t speak German, the last panel translates to “Doggone it!” :)

    • Ötty

      “Gee willikers, I’m in a dilly of a pickle!”

      • Shane

        AvE fan perhaps?

        • Ötty

          I’m afraid I don’t know what AvE is.

    • Yakumo

      More literally, is the second part something evil night?

      • Ötty

        “Verdammt noch mal” is a phrase that really only works as a whole. On its own, “noch mal” just means “once more,” “again,” etc. When combined with verdammt the meaning becomes more like “damn it all,” “blast it,” etc — it’s pretty much interchangeable with any angry or frustrated interjection (including “doggone it,” as our friend Glen pointed out)!

  2. Jim

    Ach du lieber!

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