Daphne might start in with her THAT WAS EXPENSIVE spiel again, but what does it have to do with her now? She's leaving. No I'm not bitter. I'm not!

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  1. Ötty

    You can read the end of this chapter (in hi-def!) right now! Pick up a CBR or PDF and encourage us to keep making more Zukah stories for just 99¢. You can also read weekly early pages all year ’round by helping support ZUKAHNAUT on Patreon!

    We’re really proud of this comic and we hope you continue to dig it and share it with friends. We love hearing from you. Making this stuff can be such a quiet, solitary process that it’s easy to forget there are people out there following along with it! The reminders provide a nice little boost.

  2. Sachairi

    It’s looking so fantastic! The story/ writing keeps me coming back, the art is evolving at an astonishing rate. I look forward to every update (I get excited when I realize that it’s Saturday and there’s going to be a new page).

    Keep up the awesome work, guys. I’m so proud.

  3. Alphaghoul

    Since when is Zukah that picky?

    • Sonya

      That’s an excellent point considering that we saw him eat a phone not too long ago. But Zukah’s an old fashioned guy, so the thought of drinking something with a smart phone in it is still pretty gross to him.

      • Ötty

        He just doesn’t like the taste of phones unless they’re bubblegum pink.

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