Zukah saying that life ain't TV? He's come far since Chapter 1.

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  1. Katie

    Zukah giving relationship advice! The title for this page is certainly appropriate. It’s cute that he’s trying, though- Setanta could hardly discuss it with Darius.

    • AdamWhistle

      I wouldn’t call it relationship advice so much as trying to make the kid’s situation to him clear. Which is much more important. I wish I had someone telling me some of these things when I was a kid.

  2. AdamWhistle

    You know, I wonder how reproduction works with Zukah’s people. Or whether he learned a few things during his stay on Earth.

    • Yakumo

      No need for reproduction for his to be different. Remember what he told Darius and especially his rant about music. He’s been here since the 50s. First question is, what’s the lifespan of his people, because he may act immature at times, but it fits a grandpa who has been isolated for a long time.

      • AdamWhistle

        Yes, and I really wonder how much relationship experience did he accumulate.

        • CountryMage

          He learned it mostly from TV and and music, soo~…his experience might be a little off in parts, but it sounds like he can relate to the royal experience…

  3. Anonymous

    It seems Zukah is more mature than he lets on. And he’s right, this poor kid isn’t in love. He’s got a crush and even then, he can’t force it and there’s no guarantee that the tricks work.

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