In Guttwein's defense, it's probably hard to scramble a surveillance team to trail a spontaneous trip down a storm drain or to the bottom of the sea.

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  1. AdamWhistle

    Daphne, I know you are all high on righteous indignation right now, especially how the guy is acting like an ass, but you should consider that this man is hunting the other man who attacked and nearly killed you for no reason.

    • Delta-v

      Yeah, but he’s doing a crappy job of it. In fact, C.E.L.L. has been doing almost nothing BUT a crappy job of EVERYTHING they are suopposed to be doing. Not a very strong nail to be hanging any trust on.

  2. Mike Podgor

    At first, I thought Daphne was so angry she punched a tree. What does the little grave marker in the third panel say? I think I can make out Pastor Jon, but after that it’s obscured.

    • reynard61

      The few legible letters are “TEW” and what looks like part of an “A”. “Jon Stewart” perhaps?

      • Emily

        Jon Stewart is neither a pastor nor dead.

        • Storel

          There is more than one Jon Stewart in the world…

          • Ötty

            Funny thing: I grew up with Jon Stewart, Aaron Carter, and Dwayne Johnson. Would also see Michael Jordan all the time in town…he was a police officer though. None of those people were the famous ones of the same names.

            Kind of weird one little Canadian community had all those coincidences.

            Anyway yeah the sign is a rib on Jon Stewart from school. Hi Jon, if you’re reading. I cut off the last letter of your surname because I couldn’t remember if it was a T or a D!

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