It was either this or dress as a bat and perfect the Irish Goodbye.

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  1. Alphaghoul

    I’m kinda confused about what they’re talking about.

    • Ötty

      Back in Chapter 4, Daphne’s distant but well-to-do father (who as it turned out isn’t a big fan of Darius) paid her a visit and made her an offer, saying he wanted to put up the money she’d need to get back to her old life — The way it was before a gigantic Portal opened over the city and whisked her home, her veterinary clinic, and her mother off to an unknown world. Initially she refused for a few reasons, but in Chapter 7 we learned that the offer had been repeated and she’d started second-guessing her first reply.

      At the end of Chapter 7, when it dawned on her that Darius was in over his head with this whole Action Social Worker thing that she’d been helping with, she revealed to him that she was leaving. She had decided to take her father up on his offer after all.

      Chapter 8 began with Darius, Zukah and Setanta throwing her a farewell bash at a karaoke bar. This got kind of lost in the ensuing giant robot fight, phone call from C.E.L.L., hunt for/betrayal by Marko Killigan, and debriefing in a public park, but as it stands right she’s still been planning on taking her father’s money and rebuilding her old life.

      In this chapter we’ve learned that her father, an ex-World Champion Fighter who now runs an “escort service”, has started fighting again despite his advancing years and his apparent health issues (which were only revealed on the last page). Not only is he fighting, but he’s fighting aliens who have come through portals like the one that took Daphne’s mother away from them — the same people Daphne and Darius have spent this story trying to help.

      Daphne just learned this a few pages ago when she saw a flyer for the fights. If Darius had been looking at Feet’s television screen earlier this very chapter, he’d have known by now too.

  2. Ronin Glen
    Ronin Glen

    Should have gone with the bat costume/Irish goodbye :)

    • Ötty

      I mean it seems like the clear choice to me, but I suppose every man must walk his own path.

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