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  1. ColdFusion

    Kinda having trouble not siding with bald lady there. Objectively, this kinda thing needs to be stopped. Literally random uncontrolled entries is inevitably going to wipe everyone out, and it’s not so nice for the ETs either.

    • Christian

      But… Darius isn’t advocating against stopping the portals. He’s advocating against treating the people that they don’t *know* how to stop coming through the portals like shit. Levesque is disingenuously (and rather inelegantly) conflating these two very different stances. The proper course of action for Darius would be to patiently and thoroughly explain his views, correcting the misrepresentations that no doubt ensue. The problem is that he’s responding to Levesque the way you’d respond to a low-quality bait comment on the Internet; to wit, by not responding. To viewers like the guy we saw, debate is a conflict (“get ‘im, Levesque”), and a forfeit means automatic victory of the opponent.

  2. Emily

    Oooh noooo, the murdered guy from panel 4 is the nice sheepy guy from a few pages ago. :(

    • Sonya

      I was devastated too :{

  3. Neil Kapit

    Ok, I missed the date captions, duh. Is there a story to her hair loss?

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