What if they said no?

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  1. Alphaghoul

    Does he still think he’s done nothing to earn that so called “betrayal”? He came into another country and started killing people on a whim. Also I heard that the thing about Odin favoring warriors who die in battle regardless about how evil they are was just a myth, he presumdly abandoned his mother after he slew the wolves that killed his father apparently because he considered his parents “weak” and himself now “strong”, and he’s obsessed with covering his scars (which he should probably consider honorable battlescars) with that mask to the point of violence. I’m suprised any god would want him.

    • Ötty

      Whether his self-professed origin story is to be believed or not, it’s safe to say our heroes consider Hrothgar to be off his rocker.

      That can’t be too comforting in this situation.

  2. Keith

    Well, all things considered. You had it coming.

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