Did I say I was writing out the nuclear holocaust from the end of the chapter? Oh well, nobody reads the hovertext anyway. Do they?

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  1. DarkKnightNNY

    Maaan, I hate spontaneous nuclear holocaust. It really ruins your day. Forget doing your laundry or going to the park. Nope. Nuclear holocaust. That stuff doesn’t wash out either…

    • Yakumo

      What done you mean? It white(ashe)ns everything! Far better than bleach. :/

  2. TheDerangedOne

    … anyone else think a portal just warped them all?

  3. alphaghoul

    Obviously that’s the ex cop what’s his name who was brainwashed into becoming an exoknight.

  4. DaemonDan

    Terry Breyken…

  5. Sonya

    Everyone is right.

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