Hel is not a typo. Look it up. Nice place.

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  1. TheDerangedOne

    Everyone! into the portal to journey the multiverse!

  2. Ronin Glen
    Ronin Glen

    OK, so has everyone seen the end of John Carpenters Prince of Darkness? Just sayin’ our heroes might want to be careful around mirrors after this page.

  3. Alphaghoul

    I sure hope that’s Odin on the other side to reprimand hrothgar for his behavior, does anyone remember the name of that webcomic with a similar premise to this one? It was where a girl walks into a parking lot and gets sent to a world where people get sent to a world where offworlders or whatever the term was get sent there all the time and are discriminated against (I think burned at the stake or something), (most of this I got from the description I didn’t really read through it) I would describe more but I’m not going to, anyway anyone remember the name? Also it looks like only Daphne and Hrothgar are going into the portal.

    • Rory

      What the fuck is a webcomic?

  4. ColdFusion

    Oh.. a portal going in that direction.. that’s not good.

  5. Daphne


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