Ingrate for rendering the sacrifice obsolete, hero for not letting her face the unknown solo, or coward for fleeing survivor's guilt? Maybe his fingers just slipped.

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  1. Delta-v

    So all the alien-hating spectators can have fun BEING the aliens in their new home. :)

  2. Mike Podgor

    Someone get John Rhys-Davies on the phone, we have a Sliders situation brewing.

    …actually, I guess that one was more parallel universes instead of traveling through the same universe. Like, I don’t know, the old Mighty Max cartoon, I guess?

  3. TheDerangedOne

    Well… 1/2 of the… wait no… Bro, sis, Zukah, fish kid, car that runs on booze… Ah right 2/5ths of the main party just got sucked to who knows where.
    … I really should remember the names of the guys, and gal, other than Zukah, but I’m blanking.

  4. Storel

    Hmm. Since portals don’t usually suck people in like giant vacuum cleaners, the obvious inference is that this particular portal leads… to vacuum. Outer space adventure, anyone?

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