Ingrate for rendering the sacrifice obsolete, hero for not letting her face the unknown solo, or coward for fleeing survivor's guilt? Maybe his fingers just slipped.

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  1. Delta-v

    So all the alien-hating spectators can have fun BEING the aliens in their new home. :)

  2. Mike Podgor

    Someone get John Rhys-Davies on the phone, we have a Sliders situation brewing.

    …actually, I guess that one was more parallel universes instead of traveling through the same universe. Like, I don’t know, the old Mighty Max cartoon, I guess?

  3. TheDerangedOne

    Well… 1/2 of the… wait no… Bro, sis, Zukah, fish kid, car that runs on booze… Ah right 2/5ths of the main party just got sucked to who knows where.
    … I really should remember the names of the guys, and gal, other than Zukah, but I’m blanking.

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