More like IDIOT-om, right Darius? ...Darius?

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  1. DarkKnightNNY

    After that every day for a month, baked apples. Apple pie. Eventually everything began to taste the same. Apples. At that point dear old Dad failed to notice they had gone bad and kept feeding them to us anyways all because of another saying, “Never let food go to waste.” Our lives became an all-consuming nightmare of rotting apples. To this day just the thought of applesauce is enough to make me-HUUURK! ~End

    • Ötty

      Damn it. There goes 5 months of content. Let’s just skip to Chapter 12 next week, lads.

      • DarkKnightNNY

        Oh come on, I have more faith in you two than that. Once you finish illustrating the panels it might be at least a few pages longer! Besides, aren’t cover pages easier than drawing lots of little panels? Just make everyone have thicker outlines. The internet will never notice!

  2. Yakumo

    I’ll say it. This is the start of a FLASH back. :/ I say that because of the STRIKING middle panel.

    • Billy Joe Joe Jim-Bob Jr
      Billy Joe Joe Jim-Bob Jr


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