Some of this stuff happened in 2012. We're going onto Year 5 of Zukahnaut as of this page, all without ever missing a scheduled update. This is boring as secret text but we're just going to take a second and bask in that little achievement, if it's all the same to you.

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  1. Yakumo

    It;\’s good to getting into the siblings’ background before the start of a comic. But this page feelieng major retconny. Darius and Daphne had a pretty good handle on things before they helped Zukah. I mean, they put all their weight into picking him up (I just reread the beginning and saw that little earlier style comic prelude for the first time too). Darius clearly has this gig going in full swing and even pretty much gets crown and a bag full of treasure between when he first leave Zukah and comes back to deal with him later. And this prior page talking about his first meet up with the cyclops ( shows they were doing quite a lot and had their s&%t together well before Zukah (in terms of stuff they did, if not actual time).

    Just my impression when I first saw this page.

    • Yakumo

      Okay, and I read a little further and I see Darius’ line that the portal that swallowed the town and their mom was a few weeks before Zukah’s first outing with them, but still, seemed they got themselves well together before Zukah (so the stuff they did, narrative time, trumps actual time in this case :/).

      • Ötty

        The same portal that took that city, along with their mother and Daphne’s clinic, left things behind. No crater, no ruins, but an alien forest filled with alien creatures. This is where we first spotted Hrothgar. This may also be where the trampoline Cyclops emerged from. After that Darius had a decision to make, and from there things happened very quickly.

        It’s true. The siblings had already done a lot of good before Zukah came along. Like you say, Darius had already built a local reputation for tackling this kind of thing and Daphne was already helping him out where she could with her veterinarian training.

        Darius seems of the opinion that they were missing something, and there was a Zukah-shaped hole in the way they did things until he came along. Whether this is objective or if he’s just realizing how much he’s going to miss his friend is open to interpretation. If you disagree, well, your eyes are clearer about all of this than his. Chances are you may be right.

  2. Yakumo

    I was figuring there was an “imperfect narrative” going on, was just thinking that even with perspective it seemed a bit off. La V, I’m saying it before anyone tells me to.

  3. Observantwolf

    You earned that bask, freely enjoy it!

  4. Christian

    Most of the time Darius seems skinny, but occasionally, like in panel 2, he seems almost beefy. Compare the difference in build between Darius and Daphne in these pages:
    Also, how long elapsed between the end of chapter 6 and the beginning of chapter 7? Enough time for Darius to grow a glorious beard, at least.

    • Ötty

      One of the byproducts of two different illustrators tackling the same characters in the same comic, I’m afraid. Or, as an in-canon explanation: some of those duster coats of Darius’ have pretty sweet shoulder pads in them!

      • Christian

        I guess I should get me one of those coats.

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