Died in the fall, died before the fall, it's all the same to these guys I guess.

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  1. Thomas Dimensor
    Thomas Dimensor

    Soooo….al theinnocent bystanders that got teleported with them are dead?

    • Keith

      It would seem so. Mind dad was dead before they went through the portal

    • Ötty

      I’m afraid so, yes. It was quite a drop.

    • Alphaghoul

      Innocent bystanders? I don’t remember that, I’ll have to go back and look.

  2. Yakumo

    “We bury them six feet under. What? Don’t give me that look. You bury them deep enough to keep animals from digging them up. What does the height of the corpse have to do with it, eh? Not like anyone buries their dead standing.”

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