I feel like he's leaving out something important about his Gifts.

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  1. adam

    I never thought him the “recruit others into my religion” type.

    Then again, he is an immortal warrior for gods he (somewhat) actually met and preparing for Ragnarok.

  2. Keith

    You know, they all keep trying to kill him…when they should just remove his head and leave with it in a box, then lose the box at sea. See how he likes that when he realizes the body is at the bottom of a mine shaft full of hungry centipedes.

    • adam

      I think they are trying to get to the point but there is the little problem that he will NOT LET them do that.

  3. Christian

    “The gods of my father”? Is that a translated idiom? We’ve seen that Hrothgar does not think highly of his late father.

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