Yeah, just keep revealing your possible weaknesses. that won't come back to bite you later.

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  1. Delta-v

    Apparently, staring in disbelief when your opponent is continuing to fight, is a really BAD idea…..

  2. Saiko

    The orc should have watched some more zombie flicks. Wouldn’t be so surprised. Also, removal of the head would be an obvious tactic to him.

  3. dave

    I’m wondering the extent of Hrothgar’s healing powers. Ok, so he’s got the power to heal from mortal wounds. Does he have the power to regenerate severed limbs? A severed head? From playing enough zombie-like video games, I can think of multiple methods to kill/incapacitate him.

    Method 1: Decapitation &/or dismemberment, and separation of the parts.
    incapacitate him the same way you would a necromorph in dead space. Even if he’s still alive, he’s now a bundle of severed parts. A talking head’s not that much of a threat. Just keep em apart just in case the parts can somehow recombine. Encasing em in concrete and dropping em in different bodies of water’ll work.

    If he can somehow regenerate missing body parts, then
    Method 2: incineration.
    Burn all of his body until there’s nothing left but ash. A good time to do this is after dismembering him, when he’s still regenerating (if he does).

    If that still fails (he doesn’t burn, or he just reconstitutes/respawns or something), then just go with the “banishment” route.

    Method 3: Block o concrete.
    Temporarily incapacitate him, then encase all of him in concrete or some other suitable method. Should keep him contained for a few years at least.

    TLDR: Perma-kill him if you can (via decapitation, incineration, etc.), contain him if you can’t (ex. dismemberment and/or something like being encased in concrete). Even if he’s a perfect regenerator and/or respawner, he can still be contained, if not perma-killed.

  4. dave

    Now that I think about it, Hrothgar reminds me somewhat of SCP-076 “Able” from the SCP wiki.

    Hrothgar’s a psychopath who loves to fight and kill, and can heal from mortal wounds. Hrothgar might not have perfect regeneration though (ex. can regenerate severed limbs or head), and might not be able to respawn (ex. Able’s body respawns in his coffin if his body is incinerated.)

  5. Yakumo

    As to the alt-text, don’t think he’s giving much away, except the “may” suggests he really doesn’t know. I remember the fiction at the beginning of the first Vampire: The Masquerade rpg core book had a similar remark. It was done in the manner of a letter of someone who had been a vampire for a bit, but to his still living, former mistress (in this case, meaning a noblewoman or high class lady he worked for as a servant). He’s going through various myths about how to kill vampires. When he gets to a pretty over the top version- something along the lines of behead, fill mouth with garlic, and bury at a cross roads- he remarks something to the effect of, of course that would permanently kill a vampire!

    So yeah, as far as possible ways to kill him, I doubt he’s giving any lessons. And besides, it’s more manly and old Germanic/Nordic to not be afraid to address it.

    • Ötty

      Good old V:tM. I’m still disappointed that everyone else flaked out of the only game I got a chance to join 13 years ago.

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