Yeah but this time he has a hammer.

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  1. Alphaghoul

    Well to be fair, the only time I remember them fighting is when Zukah was drunk, although Hrothgar has more fighting experiance and a healing factor, but Zukah still has super strength, a nearly impenetrable thick skin, and presumably some fighting experience from being a space marine, so hopefully that will give him a good chance.

    • Delta-v

      Don’t forget potato grenades (although it seems that Zukahhas)….

    • Nimbian

      Zukah has also never fought seriously before it was all heat of the moment. He’s entering this fight clear-headed and prepared.

  2. Targ Collective
    Targ Collective

    You’re forgetting something. *Hrothgar apparently can’t die.*

    I’m not sure *how* Zukah would be able to beat him. Chop him to pieces and bury each piece in a weighted grave?? Sounds like a grisly prospect…

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