I guess he misses prison after all...

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  1. Alphaghoul

    Uh, those aren’t the pig kind of orcs. I’m not sure Hrothgar cares about the orcs or not.

  2. MikeLinPA

    Is his mask the source of his immortality? He’s never been without it, yet…

    In other news, Dr. Doom is suing for copyright infringement.

    I like vikings, but this one has no redeeming qualities. He’s a jerk!

    • adam

      I doubt that the mask has much to do. That is probably powered by Odin.

      What the mask is, is his one weakness. We seen him lose focus when it got misplaced.

      Of course the trick will be to get it off him.

  3. Saiko

    I see Zukah has balls of steel. Or at least something harder than whatever the haft of this axe is made of.

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