You mean I could have been shooting my chores this whole time?!

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  1. Keith

    If you thought he was nuts before. get ready for a mental breakdown.

  2. MikeLinPA

    Fer Pete’s sake, take his mask off already.

    • Sonya

      Do you WANT them to get their fingers bitten off?! :o

      • MikeLinPA

        Not trying to be a spoiler, but I’m betting the mask is the source of his power. If you have to, put another cap in his head to get it off without losing fingers.

  3. Yakumo

    Really not surprising. I mean she went with Dark is on portal encounters. Why wouldn’t she have her own boom stick at all times?

    I mean, didn’t see it coming, but once I was here, I realized, “of course.”

  4. Alphaghoul

    Well, she obviously couldn’t use it, she had to wait untill the right moment so she wouldn’t waste it.

  5. Saiko

    I would shoot his balls off, as an experiment.

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