Orcs solve all problems with decapitation.

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  1. Harry C D Underwood

    Call for a truce?

  2. Yakumo

    Likely no, as the very problem is that the orcs have already attacked AND been decimated and that is the reason that the dwarves will seek to crush them. So likely he is turning to his original gods for help, hence the call for the shaman.

    Whether this involves a sacrifice of Hrothgar, and maybe even the chief (who acted poorly) remains to be seen.

  3. Keith (you ain't seen me, you don't know me)
    Keith (you ain't seen me, you don't know me)

    Been saying for some time “decapitate, dismember, distribute and at the appointed time? Bur those bits until not even ash is left.” It’s how my family deals with curses.

  4. Saiko

    I wonder if Hrothgar can be propagated by division.

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