A nice big sack of orcberries? Please! Dwarves eat only elfberries! Fermented of course.

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  1. TheDerangedOne

    Now…. the question is how many heads are in there. For all we know his would grow back once severed.

  2. Alphaghoul

    Well, I guess that solves everything.

  3. Emily

    Hrothgar the Faceless more like Hrothgar the HEADLESS ha ha ha get it because he–

  4. gtarg

    …Even if he has died, what would happen to someone who wears the mask? I wouldn’t be happy until he is scattered to the winds, and the mask also disposed of. Best case if anyone tries it on, they become indoctrinated by the mask. Worst case…

    • Targ Collective
      Targ Collective

      Do I have to spell it out? The mask might contain Hrothgar’s actual soul. In which case…

      • Targ Collective
        Targ Collective

        I mean, maybe the mask only contains Odin’s ‘blessing’. That’s bad. But if it contains Hrothgar’s *soul*…

        I mean, there is the question of what would happen to the person who put the mask on and…

        They might be there, sense everything, but buried…

        There is the question of physical changes…

        This is very, very bad. But even that is not as scary as those shadow creatures…

  5. MikeLinPA

    Does the body grow a new head, or does the head grow a new body?

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