Zukah will have to do his own dirty work after all.

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  1. Keith

    huh, they didn’t try removing Hrothgar’s head. Odd, that has been my first choice since that pinheaded dink showed up. As an aside, oh Canada…please take Oregon, Washington, N. Idaho and Montana. We promise to behave.

    • Ötty

      No Nebraska, no deal.

    • MikeLinPA

      First remove his mask, then see what happens. I’m bettin’ the mask is a major part of this. (Assuming it can be removed…)

      • Christian

        I began typing out a response to you and Targ Collective (previous page) stating that there is no reason to expect the mask to be anything more than a leather mask, and that his powers are sufficiently explained as deriving from his einheri status, but then it occurred to me that it is possible that the magic keeping einherjar alive requires a phylactery

        • Targ Collective
          Targ Collective

          I forget where, but somewhere backin the archives his mask is removed for a moment and it has an affect on him. Hang on, I think the guy who can shoot thunder from his hands was involved. It was a long time ago. I might be misremembering. I’ll take a look.

          • Targ Collective
            Targ Collective

            Well, I’ve looked through practically the whole comic and I can’t find anything on Hrothgar not having his mask on. Gotta assume that I misremembered.

  2. Alphaghoul

    I assumed Hrothgar broke free and cut off the Chieftan’s head, and then sent it to warn him he was coming, but according to the king orcs sometimes have their own heads in situations like this.

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