How many used-up alien slaves do you reckon they have buried under the dungeons?

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  1. Saiko

    After they bury the current “guests” they just forget about them, so the new ones are “first” again! That’s the dwarven way, use up all available resources and consequences be damned.

    By the way, if they use another world technology, they could have installed a red LED in the eyepatch, just for fun.

    • Otty

      It’s a black LED. Dwarves don’t really grasp them yet.

  2. Christian

    Imagine being one of the two greatest Dwarven smiths and being asked to make a perfectly regular eyepatch, and then you have to present it next to your colleague, who made a golden magic prosthetic arm. Then your champion takes your eyepatch and dons it offpanel without even looking at you, but is stricken with bravery when trying on the arm.

    • GnotAnGnelf

      You can just see the misery in his eyes. That’s a dwarf worn down by years of this sort of injustice.

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