How well can he even wash that hand if that hand is all he's got to wash with? Gross.

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  1. Alphaghoul

    Well from that I can discern that the object she holds is magical and looking through the hole reveals something controversial, I’m guessing it relates to that meeting to pick up Hrothgar which might be an ambush because he suspects paranoia in Daphne’s tone because he himself is paranoid that she is onto him. I hope that she can warn Zukah in time and that the one armed gnome doesn’t hurt her too bad.

  2. Delta-v

    Oh, hey, a “Seeing Stone”. ^^

  3. Saiko

    I’ve found a stone with a natural hole last summer, they say you can see supernatural through it. Well, I tried and I couldn’t see anything special.

    But then, our world doesn’t have dwarves riding big dogs. Except circus, but I’m sure it doesn’t count.

    For cleaning, the dwarf can use a very strong solvent and disinfectant, like probably all their moonshine is.

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