RIP little bird.

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  1. Yakumo

    Ah, so that’s the racket both the dwarves and the orcs got going, eh? They bith pillage from what comes through the gates , and have for a while, not just the one shot. That little seer stone could be real useful on Earth.

    • Alphaghoul

      . . . Maybe just alittle I didn’t understand your comment.

  2. Alphaghoul

    Well, I guess that soles that problem.

    • Delta-v

      Or at least sends it to someone else…..

  3. Delta-v

    Well, Zukah grabbed a tree, but what of the orcs, the dwarves,…..Daphne….

    • Sonya

      I’m pretty sure as long as Zukah grabs a tree, everything will be fine. Especially since that’s DEFINITELY not a tree we see being pulled out of the ground by the portal up there…yup, all fine.

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