Somewhere there's a wannabe rock star who would kill to go stand in those lights. Ingrates.

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  1. Sonya

    Zukahnaut is on break until September!

    However, if you would like to continue to see new content during the break on our website, please consider becoming a Patron We greatly appreciate everyone who does :}

    We’ll see you soon, Zukahnauts!

  2. Alphaghoul

    Hey I thought this was coming back in September, it’s almost over now.

  3. Keith

    It is the end of September, I’m looking at maybe a half meter by Monday…and that’s baja alberta. Looks like Marias pass should get a meter and a half. But, no pressure. I’ve got coffee on and a turkey for the oven later. Plenty of spuds also.

  4. Ötty

    September was indeed the plan, but forces outside of our control have come up and thrown a wrench into us making that happen.

    Rest assured we are working on a way to get back to it. After over six years of never missing a week, despite major injuries requiring physical rehabilitation and parental deaths and even a marriage between the two creators among everything else, we’ve hopefully proven our commitment to the comic.

    That said, it wouldn’t be responsible for us to set even a tentative date for ZUKAHNAUT’s return at this time. It depends on just too many variables that are out of our control. In the meantime, the comic’s Patreon at is a good 12 (un-inked) pages ahead of the website at this time. That’s an option if the itch for new content becomes just too strong.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    • Jonathan Jarrett

      Life gets in the way of everybody sometimes. Good luck with getting everything sorted!

    • Keith

      Oh crap, I hope you guys are okay. Sort of, kind of in a round about way. So to speak, well not exactly…just my awkward way of saying I hope it all gets better, without prying into that which is none of my business.

  5. evolve


  6. Keith

    Just checking in, oh and wash your hands please. Thank you.

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