ZUKAHNAUT is presented to you by…

creator-ottyÖTTY JUSTASON co-plots, letters, and performs art duties (usually inks and colours) on the comic. He also manages the website. He spells things with extra ‘U’s because he’s from the Canadian Maritimes and that’s how he was raised. He lives in British Columbia now and maintains a mighty beard.

You can follow him on Twitter at @UncleOtty or contact him via email.



creator-sonyaSONYA SOMERS co-plots and performs art duties on the comic (usually pencils and layouts). She is a graduate of the New Brunswick Community College Animation & Graphic Arts program, and has done work illustrating children’s books and creating graphics and animations for video games. She thinks onions are evil.

You can follow her on Twitter at @Sonya_Somers, visit her art blog, or contact her via email.



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