ZUKAHNAUT is an ongoing comicbook, presented online in a weekly-updated pay-what-you-want format. For other formats, please see this page.


An aging alien fights his own nature—and his own kind—in hope of redeeming a wasted life.


Across the Earth a strange phenomenon dubbed “Portals” has emerged. These holes in the very fabric of the Universe come in various sizes, shapes, and colours, form in any place, at any time, then knit themselves together again. Sometimes people and things disappear into these Portals…and sometimes people and things emerge from them.

Though initially kept secret, the Portals have become too frequent, widespread and unpredictable to remain hidden from the population. Now humanity faces the consequences of a world that grows less predictable by the day!




ZUKAH: As green men from outer space go, not what you might expect. Big, loud, scruffy and a bit off his rocker, Zukah’s only real talent is making vegetables explode. Don’t ask him to explain how.

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 1


cast-DariusDARIUS DOUGLAS: Action Social Worker. He does what he can to reach out and help the Displaced people who come into our world through Portals… But some people just cannot be helped.

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 9


cast-DaphneDAPHNE DOUGLAS: Formerly a veterinarian until a Portal swallowed her clinic, Daphne has chosen to deal with her own losses by helping people alongside her brother Darius… for now.

First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 5



HROTHGAR THE FACELESS: Claims to be an Einherjar, one of Odin’s chosen warriors of Valhalla. He has no memory of how he may have returned to the realm of the living, nor does he have any idea how to conduct himself in the 21st Century.

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 14


cast-NanmaNANMA DEE DOUGLAS: Once a clothing designer for the rock’n’roll crowd, Nanma’s done her best to raise her grandkids Darius and Daphne better than she did their mother. Breeds cats.

First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 11


cast-MarkoMARKO KILLIGAN: Sympathetic to the plight of the Displaced, Marko does all he can to assist Darius and company in their efforts to help them.

First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 15


cast-ZwendelaarG ZWENDELAAR: Sovereign ruler of an undersea kingdom and its telepathic sea-people. Hammy, stubborn and determined to have his way.

First Appearance: Chapter 5, Page 8



cast-SetantaPRINCE SETANTA: The grandson of Zwendelaar, Setanta lost hs mother to a Portal much like Daphne and Darius. Fascinated by human culture.

First Appearance: Chapter 5, Page 8



cast-Black Knight THE BLACK KNIGHT: The shadowy mastermind of the conflict between Zwendelaar’s people and a subterranean “Midget Bug” army.

First Appearance: Chapter 5, Page 16