Here’s what critics and peers have said about ZUKAHNAUT:

Brian Cronin of ComicBookResources“Offbeat” “Intriguing” “Zukah is a blast”

Olivia Wylie of Strip Show Comic Revue“Crude, crazy and crafty, Zukahnaut sure is one of a kind.”

S. Rain Lawrence of Girls Like Comics“A wonderfully complex world with engaging characters you want to spend time with”

Dan Butcher of The Awesome Comics Podcast“It’s got a really rich vein of humour running throughout. The art’s nice, dialogue’s great. Really recommend you check it out!”

Dan Sharp of the Demon Archives“Fun, funny, and well told…I feel like it actually helps me be a better person”

Ethan Kocak of Black Mudpuppy“It’s up there as one of my favorite comics, period” “Not just one of my favorite comics, but also one of my favorite things on the internet”

A.S. Williams of Vindibudd“If you like your Hellboy with a side of X-Men, this is a webcomic to keep an eye on”

Milty Reviews Comics“The fights, in particular, have a kinetic quality that’s hard to pull off”

Your Webcomics! – “Interesting and unique…I look forward to seeing how this story plays out”

Pretty Cool Webcomics“A good and compelling tale with some nicely detailed art”

The TopWebComics Blog- “Solid comic storytelling”


Here’s what interviewers have asked ZUKAHNAUT’s creators:

Ötty interviewed by Ariane Eldar of Ariane Eldar Private
Ötty and Sonya interviewed by Dan Sharp of the Demon Archives.